The Power of Positivity

The world we are living in is full of contradictions. There is this constant tension of positivity and negativity, that surrounds us. Everything and everyoGlass Half Full - Half Emptyne is being attracted in one direction or the other. We are free to decide to move towards positivity or negativity. This decision will affect our mindset and the course of our life. If we choose to be positive and to be drawn towards positive things and people with a positive attitude, we will feel good and happy. If we choose to be negative and to be drawn towards negative things and people with a negative attitude, we will feel miserable and sad.

This tension between the positive and the negative, between good and evil, will be our constant companion throughout life. We always need to make sure to stay on the right path.

These are some characteristics of people with a positive mindset:
They are

  • cheerful
  • grateful
  • optimistic
  • patient
  • kindly towards others
  • humble
  • selfless

The list could go on, but you get the point.

People with a negative mindset resemble the opposite, which causes them to feel miserable and dissatisfied. They delight in making others feel as miserable, as they do, while those with a positive mindset always strive to help, strengthen and edify others.

If you feel bad now and wish to become more positive, there is hope. This desire is the first step towards improvement. Nurture it and identify areas, where you can improve. Talk to your loved ones and find out, how they would want you to improve. The next step is to write those down and create a plan how and when you want to achieve those improvements.

Make sure, not to over-complicate this process. Keep it simple. Don’t worry, if your attitude won’t change over night. Just keep working on your attitude and you will see improvements. Celebrate those to increase your motivation to progress continually.

Once you reach your goals, you may want to repeat the whole process. Remember: Improvements are always possible.

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