Do You Feel Like a Victim?


How do you feel, when bad things are happening to you or when things don’t work out, as expected?

Do you feel like being punished? Do you accept the role of a ? How do you like that role? Does it feel good? Does it appear to be the way of least resistance? Do you even believe, you don’t deserve any better? Do you feel like having a life-long subscription to outcomes?

Or do you belong to the kind of people, who accept for their lifes? Do you analyze, why things went wrong and what you can do better, next time, in order to prevent such an outcome?

If you belong to the second group, I congratulate you for your and your bright and constructive approach to life.

Should you belong to the first group, though, I encourage you to change your life, today! Stop whining and start accepting responsibility for your life.

If you haven’t got a job or a business, that supports you and your loved ones financially, get or start one today. You don’t deserve unemployment. If your car keeps breaking down, get rid of it and replace it by a better one. If electricity keeps going down in your town, go and get a generator or move to a place with a more robust infrastructure.

But stop complaining. Stop wasting your time for . Start changing your attitude today.

It may take a while to get rid of your old , but if you actively engage in making the change, you will finally get there. You will see, how much better this will feel. You will also get more satsifaction, joy and happiness out of your life.


Let me know, how you feel about this article.

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