How to Achieve Great Improvements With Minor Adjustments

Everyone has hopes, dreams and maybe even goals. The problem is, that every improvement requires some sort of effort, which is usually uncomfortable and maybe even painful. It’s no surprise, there is a temptation to take the route of least resistance, which basically means: Do nothing and make no changes. Keep everything the way it is.

The problem is: Doing nothing (or doing the same as usual), won’t bring the desired results.

How is it possible to achieve improvements, without too much pain?

The 1% method
The secret is to make minor adjustments. If you improve your situation by just 1% each and every day, you will get two results: 1. Eventually, you will get the desired result. 2. You will have formed new habits, which will help you stay on track long term, instead of having a flash in a pan, falling back into old habits soon after. Some people are calling it “baby steps”, as well. It’s the same concept: Take it slow, but steady.

Who fails to plan, plans to fail.
If you wish to make any changes, it’s important to develop a vision at first and then create a plan how to make it happen. Finally you need to make sure, to act accordingly. Otherwise you will start running in one direction or you will be running around in a circle, without reaching your destination. The result will be frustration and finally resignation. Both conditions are anything but desirable.

You can do it!
Never forget: There Is Greatness Inside You! You can do it! It may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

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