The Power of Positive Thinking

Positivity-vs-NegativityIn today’s world, news from all over the earth are accessible at a click of a mouse. As soon, as something happens somewhere on this planet, someone will report about it and the news will spread around the world. Isn’t it an exciting time, we are living in? Technology has evolved so much over the last few decades. It’s a true miracle! Think of all the good, that it can be used for.

Unfortunately, this amazing technology can be used for purposes as well – and this happens all too often. People create and share negativecontents 24/7. Somehow, many people allowed themselves to get conditioned to consuming all that negative stuff, e.g. news, reviews, gossip, moral waste and so on. Getting involved too much with all that sucks the people into a negative spiral, that winds further and further downwards. It’s like an addiction.

Instead of looking for the good, that happens in the world, they put a lot of energy into learning about the negative stuff. Instead of looking for the good in celebrities, they read about their misfortunes and mischief. This constant negative influence results in a negative , which can lead to a lot of sadness and even depression.

What’s the solution to this problem?

Stop feeding your mind with all that garbage. Replace it with and uplifting materials. Read about other peoples’ successes. Listen to uplifting music. If you enjoy reading the newspaper, focus on positive stories. Try to learn new stuff. Radiate around you. After a short while, you may experience a shift in your attitude and in your mood. Slowly, your future may appear to be much brighter. All this will result in more happiness and contentment. This has the power to suck you into a positive spiral, pulling you upwards. If you firmly believe, something positive is going to happen to you, chances are high, that this will be the case.

If everyone acts like this, focussing on making the world a little bit better for one of his fellow beings, the world will soon become a better place. All this doesn’t mean, you should be ignorant of problems around you, in your country or in other parts of the world. You need to be well aware of what is going on, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones and support others in need. But you shouldn’t feast on negativity. You shouldn’t allow it to affect you personally in a way, that your positive attitude will suffer.

Let me know, how you feel about this subject.


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