New Years’ resolutions

shareasimageFor many people, and the following weeks are a time of reflection, self-assessment and setting. After having set new , they are getting excited about the progress, they are anticipating. All too often, the excitement dwindles after a while. This can have different reasons:

  • daily routine returns
  • they may realize, the goals were just too high
  • they may get afraid of their goals
  • they believe they need to make too much of an effort and rather stay in their comfort-zone

Sticking to your goals, even if you need to adjust them, pays off. Imagine, you would set some goals at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year you would find, that you reached your goals or accomplished even more, than you planned originally. How would that feel? Would it be worth the additional effort?

Reaching a goal requires consistency, work and maybe even sacrifice. You will need to motivate yourself, when things go wrong along the way. If you keep doing that, there is a great chance, you will get there.

Little children are a great example to me. When they start walking, they make a few steps and fall to the ground. Instead of quitting, they will keep working at it. They might get discouraged for a moment and start crying, but soon after, they will get up and continue.

A great help is to write down your goals and placing them, where you can see them often. This helps to keep your focus on your goals. But just setting a goal won’t do much for you. You need to make a specific plan, how you want to accomplish it. And last but not least: You need to take action.

Remember: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Imagine, you had the goal to go on your dream vacation. This goal alone wouldn’t do you any good. Next, you would need to start making preparations, such as saving some money (unless it’s already sitting in the bank), get the tickets, get a passport and visa if needed and finally pack your bags. This preparation alone, wouldn’t do you any good either, unless you would really start your journey.

I believe, this concept is pretty easy.

There will be days, when you won’t really feel like working on your progress. But you will need to do it anyways, pushing aside any excuses. Constantly motivate yourself. Always keep progressing, otherwise you will be digressing.

If you start making this process your daily routine, the chance to reach your goals increases tremedously.

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