Change the World – Make A Difference Today

Watching the news on tv or reading the newspaper, one can come to the conclusion that the world is in a very bad state and all hope is lost for the future. It seems like everybody is just evil and everything is going down like a sinking ship.

This can be very depressing. But it depends on your personal outlook and attitude. The question is: “Is the glass half full or half empty?”

If your answer is “half full”, there is still hope for you. I believe, most people on this planet have a good heart. They might be discouraged or even blinded at times. But at the bottom of their hearts, they are good people.

How want you to imagine something. Just imagine, you would make a difference in somebody’s life today. Just pick someone in your family, among your neighbors, a good friend, or some co-worker. Cheer him up. Help him out, if he’s in need. Often the small things make somebody’s day. Now imagine, that person will follow your example by doing something good to someone else. That person will do the same. This can trigger an avalanche of positive impact. Just because you did something good, 100 other people might do likewise. And all in a sudden, the state of the world improved a bit.

Now, if this works with just one person, how about triggering 2 or 5 people, who in turn trigger some other people. You could trigger a shockwave of positive influence.

Look at this video, which is a nice demonstration of positive influence in a little neighborhood.

Keep your eyes open and seek for an opportunity to help someone today. And remember: Often, just small tiny things can make a big difference to someone.

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