I’m sure,Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm every person on this planet is in one area or the other. It’s absolutely normal. The question is, how they deal with those situations.

Some react in a negative way and decide, they just deserve to and to fail. What a sad and destructive attitude. They allow themselves to be pulled down into a vortex. It can be very hard to break out of that .

Others suffer through their struggles and hope for better times, when they will again. This attitude is better, than the first, but still not optimal.

The best way to deal with struggles is to accept them and regard them to be a chance for growth and learning. If there is a road block, they will increase their activity to get it out of their way, so they can move on on their way to . If they fail, they will adjust and keep pushing forward. This will make them stronger and stronger. It’s a matter of attitude.

Winston Churchhill once said: “Success is stumbling from to failure with no loss of .”

Which group do you belong to? Do you believe to deserve constantly struggling and failing, are you currently struggling and failing, hoping for better days ahead, or do you see struggles and failures as a chance to progress and to learn and do you succeed that way, because you are enjoying constant progress as a result?

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